NDT (Non Destructive Testing) plays a vital part in manufacturing, quality control and plant life management. It used in a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Transport and Civil Engineering.

Long Range UT Inspection

The Services is to provide Ultrasound wave to check the integrity of the pipe along the line, to make clear information regarding the critical location along the pipe.

Ultrasonic Test Phased Array (UT-PA)

UT-PA is an advanced technology of conventional UT. Working principle of the UT-PA is the incorporation of convensional radiography and UT. Phased Array Probe composed of multiple piezoelectic elements, each element will emit and linear scan. The advantages of UT-PA is safe, effective broad beam, multiple beam configuration, high-density, increase productivity.

Eddy Current Inspection (EC)

EC instrument can be small and portable, or large multichannel devices. The method is used only on electrically conductive materials. An energized electric coil induces a magnetic field into the tested specimen. The fluctuating magnetic field generates an electric eddy current. This change is electronically analyzed to provide flaw severity or material condition information.

Other Services from Us

Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)
Radiographic Inspection (RT)
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) & DYE Penetrant Inspection (DPI)

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Pressure Safety Valve and PSV Testing Division
Hydrostatic Testing, Cleaning, Man Power Supply & Other Services
Inspection Engineer and Inspector for QA QC, Rotating, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, General
Inspection and Testing

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Rope Access Technique (RAT)

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